Username: sturnbaby
Real Name: Janine Sturniolo
Yahoo! ID: sturn18
IM Handle: jaredsgrace
Bio: I live a bucolic life educating tomorrows leaders in the use of cutting edge technology. Upon graduation from Nyack I vowed my life to Jared Sturniolo. We simply live with Gunnison our black lab who keep us full of love and stray black hair.
I am editing my bio now after reading some of the members bios that were so indepth.
I attended a small public high school and graduated with 15 in my class, I then went on to attend a Christian College in PA Eastern Baptist and hated it. I followed that up with a stint in the state system, and hadted every stoned minute of it. As a PK(pastors Kid) I found it my obligation to prove the truth my father had set in me was wrong.
He was right and after attending Nyack and growing as an individual, getting married, and getting a job, I realized, the truth is the truth, no matter how you slice it.
I now teach computers coach soccer, run 5ks, and 10ks and hope to run the NYC marathon in my thirtieth year, (next year) I am also very involved in my community/home church and run a womens bible study.
As to my avatar I will explain that growing up with WonderWoman, I have a superhero complex. Trinity is my alter ego.
Coaching running reading writing reading and getting my degree online is my life.
I was enlightened by Kelli Anderson who guided me here.
Stuff to do: