Username: navybrat
Real Name: Samantha Hammes
Yahoo! ID: poohbaire26
IM Handle: cannsbaby
Bio: well, hello people I haven't talked to in years and others hehe. My name is Samantha and once upon a time I, too was stuck in a little place called Nyack although I bailed so quickly I wonder if anyone remembers me, hmm.
wow, 1999 feels so far away
anyway, I was lucky enough to have two parts in Thief, Kayla (or something like that. bad memory) and the role of palace hussy as well as some quickee costume work after a unfortunate incident with a nutty, cranky, all sorts of other names I don't have time for crazy lady.
Six years later, I have two evil little heathen children, am living in Kentucky and waiting tables up the street. Fun times.
Stuff to do: