Username: manchild
Real Name: Mark Allen
IM Handle: markyanrallen
Bio: My first experience with Josh was in Website design class. I knew I had met a kindred soul as our class and Josh chatted up a storm about Star Wars, various movies and MST3K and I had finally met someone with a quicker wit and sharper sarcasm than yours truely. (I would later also meet Bill the Leprechaun who also deserves that title.) So I helped Josh out with some videos and occasionally stopped by his office kinda in the way a stalker would. I was here for the birth of this site and I think and the rest is history, I have been a josh fanatic ever since. Enough about my unhealthy obsecession with Josh, here is a little info about myself.

I just graduated from Nyack December 2004 with a bachelor of science in youth ministry, started a new job as the youth director at Valley Brook Community Church in Granby, Ct in March 2005 and got married to a lovely young lady from Gordon College on June 4, 2005. Life is good right now. Some of the people I know in real life from this site include but are not limited to Josh, Remly, Jdgs, Bill the Lep and Cricky's wife. The rest I have had the pleasure of meeting and I am better for it. I am going to stop writing now cause I am starting to ramble. I do that sometimes, ramble on. This will not be one of them. God Bless and stuff.
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