Username: issaquah
Real Name: Brad McDuffie
Bio: After completing a degree in Eng. and Basketball
(with a minor in bible) at Nyack College, I attended, the "Berkley
of the East," New Paltz College. I pursued my M.A. (Martial Arts degree- in which I specialized in NumB-Chuck Skills) and learned
that Christian's view points are not liked in the open minded world of College.

The rest goes like this:
I formed a friendship with the grandson of the (in-)famous Irish Poet Francis Eamon Boyle, and through his history soon made contact with a local mix-tape aritist named Issquah Perplexus. Issaquah was working on a long
string of translations for the forgotten poet emelio el Guapo, who had been influenced heavily by F.E.B.. I fell into
the underground world of emelio and his strange poems, which sought after F.E.B.'s ghost and our good Lord, along with Issaquah in the dead winter of 2002. Since then I've have taken on
the lower case name for my poet-brother Issaquah, and tried my socks holy to plagiarize his style. That's where I am today. The copy of a copy.

Go Mordecai!

Stuff to do: