Username: got3kids
Real Name: Jodi Cohen
Yahoo! ID: mom2cayla
IM Handle: caylaerin
Bio: I attended Nyack from 1994-96. Although I don't know you, Josh Way, I did know your lovely wife and some other girls in your Nyack pictures. I was actually hoping I could get some emails from you so I can catch up with them. I was an RA 95-96 and that's how I know most of them. I also attended Shereen's brother's church most of the time I went to Nyack. My name when I was there was Jodi Varner and I am now Jodi Cohen (Mike and I got married in Jan 1998). We live in Colorado and have 3 kids: Cayla - 5, Christopher - 3, and Jacob 11 months.
Stuff to do: