Username: crazyguy
Real Name: Greg Savage
IM Handle: DeamonMoose
Bio: In the “Real World” I am known as Greg Savage. Savage is my name, and Savage is my game, and Savage is also a city in southern Minnesota. I prefer to be left alone especially when I am contemplating on a new “assignment” so to speak. I do not know the meaning of “reality.” I fail to grasp the concept. But maybe that is because I do things that others don’t. I find it hard to maintain relationships with people. They don’t understand me. The think I am not normal. They fear my thoughts feelings and emotions. I don’t care for friends, or anyone else for that matter. I like to be alone. I believe that is all that you need to know about me. For if I reveal to much, I risk being …uh…discovered. REMEMBER! FEAR NO ONE BUT YOURSELF AND OTHERS.

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