Username: bummo
Real Name: Carolyn Maszczak
Bio: Hey, I cant believe I'm gonna be registered on Josh Weird- I was Shereens roomate for a semester and swapped pants with Josh once.
I figured I should give more info- so here ya go:
I became a Maszczak in 1997 which is a big deal if you live in Western New Jersey and are Polish.
I bore three Maszczak children- Wyatt and Violet and Scarlet, and plan to spit out more to start a Polish colony in the woods of Northern California. (we feel that Polish-americans are under-represented in todays culture and hope to increase their visability as a people)
I was a terrible Voice major in college because my true calling is in art. I paint and reluctantly do portraits as a side job.
I enjoy baked goods and hot beverages. I am a Star Trek fan and a self diagnosed Lord of the Rings weirdo. (Yes, I get choked up when I listen to the score of the movie)
My husband and I enjoy prospecting (for gold) (seriously), looking for big foot , and LOVE Geocaching.
My kids are nutty. Our extended families are even nuttier.
Um...thats it.
And I've been living my dream of having blue hair for 4 years now.
Stuff to do: