Username: Laura
Real Name: Laura Peck
Bio: Laura was born in Huntington, NY, which is also the birthplace of Walt Whitman. This is by far her greatest claim to fame. Her childhood was poignant, heartwarming, touching and occasionally melancholy. She attended various and sundry public and private schools on Long Island, including South Shore Christian School, where she met her now-husband Matthew Peck.

But, we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

After high school, Laura attended Nyack College where she met a certain Mr. Josh Way. Although at the time she thought he was just a strange guy with a good sense of humor who occasionally would show up places wearing women’s clothes (she has pictures), little did she know this was a meeting that would change her life. For good or for bad, time will tell.

Almost immediately after graduating from Nyack, Laura married the aforementioned Matthew and began her U.S. Army-sponsored tour of the Southeastern United States.

In her spare time, Laura enjoys reading, crocheting, and writing third-person biographies about herself. Her favorite color is red and she harbors a deep and shameful addiction to “America's Next Top Model.” In the future we hope there is a therapy for this. Then and only then will Laura become a productive member of society.
Stuff to do: