Username: Kelli
Real Name: Kelli Maass
IM Handle: bronxenglish
Bio: Currently living in Highland Mills, NY in a house purchased with her husband, Kelli is a very happy woman. Life is crazy, what with a new husband and a new home, but she welcomes every moment!

Kelli used to work at Alfred E. Smith High School in the Bronx where she teaches high school English. She was a teacher there for 8 years. That is where she met her husband, Jason, who is a Social Studies teacher. Kelli is moving to Lehman High School in the Bronx this September. It is a much bigger and much better school. She is nervous and excited!

Kelli and her husband do not have any children--yet. They do have a dog who pees a lot. her name is Cassi and she is Pit Bull/German Shepherd.

Kelli also enjoys speaking in third person which always freaks people out, but she doesn't care--'cause she's a jerk like that!
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