Username: Jenny
Real Name: Jenn Scott
IM Handle: JDScott423
Bio: After graduating from Nyack College in 1998, I worked at a private school in NJ for 6 years teaching music to kids ranging from PreK-10th grade. From there, I went on to become an adjunct prof at Nyack where I am now :) Oh and I also direct the choir at my church and take care of my mother and give private lessons on the side...

I find that even though I don't have a full-time job at the moment, I seem to have a full day. If it weren't for my chub-chub cat, Timothy Dickens, I'm sure I'd be rocking in a corner somewhere mumbling something incoherent. Well, I guess I'm not that bad ::twitch twitch::

On most Sundays after church, I can be found in the recliner with my current knitting project in hand, rooting Carl Edwards and Jeff Gordon on to victory lane. Yea, I'm a big NASCAR freak.

I'm fortunate to know a good majority of the people on from my time at Nyack College. Though I'm not as clever and whitty with my words as they are, I still find a way to put my two cents in every now and then... oh and I'm very lucky to have my very own avatar...Thanks Josh! ;)
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