Username: DarkMime20
Real Name: Carl Doody
Yahoo! ID: darkmime20
IM Handle: BuffaloKnight27
Bio: As a young boy I was walking home with my parents form a movie one night when mugger came out of the shadows and murderded my parents in front of my own eyes...........whoops, wrong bio. My name is Carl and I'm a semi long time friend of the webmaster himself, Mister Josh Way. I actually prophesized his marrige (roll your eyes all you want Josh, you know it's true!) anyway, I'm a former outcast of Mordor, I beleive many people still refer to it as Nyack college; which is where I had the pleasure of meeting Josh. I'm a miriad of different classifications, ranging from writer, poet, movie critic (in 20 years I'll look just like Jay Sherman) to amature drag racer, retail manager, and freelance adventurer. Josh has built a phenominal web site (c'mon josh, you know I had to use the word at lest once) and I look forward to getting to know you all.
Stuff to do: