Username: AuntNancy
Real Name: NANCY WAY
Bio: Hi, Josh,

This really is your Aunt Nancy - just wanting to say hello to you and Shereen and wish you a merry Christmas!

I'm relieved you have a photo in this group that's good looking enough to be me! (HAHAHA)

I'm also compelled to say that colored Christmas lights are so much more beautiful than plain white ones - they add so much more depth to your tree or whatever - however, you are young, and I also once thought white lights were restrained and tasteful - now I know they were just boring! - I know you can't help it - I know your relatives, remember?, so I know where you get it!

Anyway, drop me a line sometime - signing in here was the only way I knew how to email you - hope you get this message soon. Have a great holiday.
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