Hey friends, yesterday I came across an article posted in superherohype.com stating that Sony pictures has decided to NOT move ahead with Spider-Man 4 but instead to "reboot" the entire franchise for a new release in 2012 (as if we needed more signs the world is ending aside from Roland Emrich films). Sony pictures that the reboot will be done with new cast and film makers indicating that Sam Rami, director of the first 3 hugely successful Spider-Man films, will not be helming the reboot nor will Toby Maguire be returning as everyones favorite wall-crawling wonder.  This comes as a surprise to me because just days before numerious sites were reporting that Sony was coming to a deal with John Malkovich to play villian "The Vulture" in SM4.  On top of all this the reboot is said to be taking the character back to high school and to be more gritty and take place in a more real world setting.  I gotta tell you friends this news is setting my spider-sense a buzzing!  This just dosen't need to be done.  Yes, SM3 was horrible, easily the worst of the series but it still made money and set box office reccords in its release.  People are saying "well it worked for Batman", yes, because Batman needed a reboot and had been away long enough for a reboot to make sense.