Film Review: Iron Man
Rating:5 star(s)

Now I'm going to have to confess;  I'm not a regualr Iron Man comic reader nor have I been in the past, so this review is not coming from a purist (unlike my Spider-Man and Batman reviews of the past) but luckily I was able to see the film with Pat who was a big Iron Man fan and he gave his thumbs up and so do I!  Iron Man is a great kick off to the 2008 Summer movie season!  Iron Man is the story of Tony Stark, a billionare wepons desighner who lives the playboy life with no regrets or excuses.  Stark is also a scientific genius who sells his wepon designs to the military and does it with flare. During a weapons demonstration Stark is kidnapped by terrorists and forced to build them weapons.  Stark soon finds that his companys weapons have fallen into the terrorists hands and they have been using them to carry out their missions. In captivity Start meets a dr that saves his life from shrapnel in a very interesting way.  Together the two decide to not build the weapons thats the terrorists demand and instead build a mechanical suit of armor to help them escape.  Once free Tony upgrades his armor to be used against the terrorists and the films main villian, the Iron Monger, an enlarged perverted version of Starks armor.  At its heart Iron is a movie about redemption.  During his time in captivity Stark sees that the weapons he has created are being used to harm the innocent he thought he was protecting and decides to make amense for what he has brought to the world. And this message is conveyed beautifuly by Robert Downey Jr who plays Stark.  Downey pulls off what is so hard to do in superhero movies, he makes the "secret identity" of the hero as enjoyable to watch as the hero himself.  Downey performance  ranks among the top of the comic book movie potrayels of the past. The supporting cast was well selected and all took their rolls seriously.  Terrance Howard, Gwenith Platrow, and Jeff Bridges (who was not saying "dude here" nearly as much as he should have been) were all a joy to watch.  Director Jon Favreau claims he was always an Iron Man fan and it shows, the film is well put together, moves at a good pace and knows when to take a breath.  Stan Lee makes his regular cameo appearance is a humorous way and if you go to the film make sure to stay until the end of the credits for an extra treat that will make comics fans squeal with glee.  If you want to start the summer movie season right, start it with Iron Man!