So like a sheep I just purchased the new "version" of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. More than just a rerelease, this disc has new art, new track breaks, and a 5.1 remix of the album. The surround mix is only accessible on SACD players, but this hybrid disc also plays on regular CD players.

I'm not putting this in the Reviews section because what can you say about a thirty-year-old album? I don't have an SACD player, and probably never will, so I can't even comment on the six channel mix. I don't know why they haven't made a DVD-Audio version, since that seems to me to be a more popular 5.1 format.

So I guess I'm just curious what everyone else thinks of rereleases like this. Is it lame? Is it stupid? Is it revolutionary? Are you stoked that "Speak to Me" now has it's own track? Do you have bigger fish to fry?