So I'm watching ABC, or MSNBC, or the Food Network, or whatever it was, and they have a reporter calling in from a hotel accross the river from Baghdad. He's frantic as he explains that "bombs are falling on us" and that the seige is "upon us."

I don't see any non-selfish reason for a journalist to be so close to the battlefield. As I see it, there are only three varieties of people with noble reasons to be there: the attackers, the defense, and, sadly, the residents. By juxtaposing himself into the drama this reporter has made it clear that his personal glory as a journalist who was "there" matters more to him than anything that is happening. Forget the fact that his language ("us") implies that he's an Iraqi. He's not.

Anyway, that really bugs me. A lot of things on TV bug me lately, and I'm not just talking about John Edward.