Well, the new version of the site is active, as you can see.

The site has been COMPLETELY overhauled with two things in mind:

1.AUTOMATION: Previously, every time I wrote a peice or made a video or had any update to make, I had to create the new web page from scratch. Then I had to edit the homepage code to feature the new update. It was a little annoying and sometimes kept me from making updates.

With the new system, all I do is log into a web control panel and enter my text/html, and the new page is automatically created, archived, and featured on the homepage. This will allow me to focus more on writing and less on annoying web design.

2.INTERACTIVITY: I had played around for a while with the idea of making the site user based, but I concluded that my content wasn't worth making people register. Then I opened a forum which sits today unused.

In this new setup, each and every essay, article, and review is now threaded, so you can start a discussion anywhere. It's anonymous, so you don't have to sign up or anything. The user talkbacks may contain simple text or html. My hope is that this will create more of a community on the site, rather than just a bunch of lame comedy going sour from age.

Please feel free to poke around and see how things work now, and send me your feedback.

One of my big concerns is the layout of the front page. Just when I got it to display perfectly in both Netscape 7 and IE 6, someone told me that the tables were displaying wrong for them in IE 6, messing up the image slices. If you experience this or anything that doesn't look "right", please click the technical assistance button at the bottom and let me know about it. Be sure to give me your email address and also tell me what browser/platform combo you're on.