Hello. I've got an experimental download for you all today.

Many of you have asked for some kind of alert when there are new comments or posts. One suggestion was an automated email notification system. Problem with that is, do you really want an email every time someone mouths off on the site? I think you'd all get sick of "JoshWay.com Alert!" emails pretty darn quick. Meanwhile, I've really wanted to develop some kind of desktop application that interacts with the website.

And so I present to you the JoshWay.com Desktop Module. This is a small flash program that connects to the site's database and gives you the latest info on the most popular parts of the site. It's still in development, and I hope to improve it from time to time. Eventually, I'd love to add some kind of instant messaging to it. For now, it just tells you what the most recent posts are, how many comments, and who left the last comment.

There's no installation procedure. Just download the program to your desktop and double-click to open it. I've provided a zipped version in the event that 800k is too much for you to download.

joshway.exe (800k)
joshway.zip (400k)