I'm thinking of moving my personal website operation (JoshWay.com) over to WordPress. Here's why:
  • DreamHost is now charging by how much processor power you use
  • My PHP scripts use a TON of processor power
  • My hosting costs have more than doubled
  • It's not feasible for me to leave DreamHost at this juncture
  • I'd like all available resources to go to the Chronicle site (which is on the same server)
Moving to WordPress would have the following disadvantages:
  • Not all posts would be carried over (I would hand-pick)
  • NONE of the comments would be carried over (the single biggest drawback)
  • Less control over the design/functionality
It would also carry these big advantages:
  • All the burden of bandwidth and processing would be on WordPress
  • Great exposure (WordPress blogs are well represented on Google - just ask Shane)
  • No more fixing my custom PHP scripts at 3 in the morning
  • I could still appoint friends as authors who could post their own stuff on my site
  • Other stuff I'm not remembering right now
I would never have even entertained this thought five years ago. But so much has changed, and suddenly the idea's not so crazy. Part of it's the fact that WordPress is the ONLY free blog/content management software I've seen that is good enough to even consider using.

I will never delete all the old stuff. I'll find some way for it to be available to the die-hards. I just think this is the inevitable evolution of the site.

I welcome your feedback.