Film Review: Catch and Release
Rating:1 star(s)

OK, so Sunday afternoon rolls around and I am curled up on my couch with my girlfriend (I got a real one this time!  the imaginary one in my head said she needed to find one more stable. pfhh, women.) and we are bored out of our minds so we decide to watch a movie.  Now some how a week or 2 back the subject of Kevin Smith movies came up and I had mentioned that he had recently been in a movie that he did not direct, the movie was called "Catch and Release".  My girlfriend mentioned that she had the film and had brought it over to my apartment for me to watch, thanks to the release of Hot shots golf for PS3 I never got around to it.  So we decided to pop the movie in.  The movie stars Jennifer Gardner, Kevin Smith, and that dude who looks like the dude from Transformers (not Shia).  Heres the long and short of it, Jennifer Gardner's character's Fiance died on the bachelor party trip and the film opens with the reception from the funeral.  She then moves in with her dead fiance's best friends (Kevin Smith and some other random guy) and find out that her fiance was sending money to some woman in Los Angeles to support her and his son.  Emotional roller coaster ensues.  Now, my girlfriend learned how much of a pain it can be to watch movies with me at times because 10 minutes into the film I laid down everything that I though was going to happen over the next hour and 20 minutes, to which she promptly asked "do you even want to bother finishing the film then?"  I said yes because I wanted to see all the funny things that happened in between what I predicted.  Needless to say I was about 98% accurate in what I predicted and the "funny things" that were supposed to happen in between turned out to be only Kevin Smith.  At every point when I was about to say "OK, can't take it anymore!" and turn it off, Smith would show up and say something or do something funny that would make me want to prolong my agony to wait to see what he does next (and he is always wearing a jersey that has the#37 on it which is amusing because well........ clerks fans will get the reference).  Now ladies, please don't think I'm bashing on "chick flicks",  I happen to have a number ovary friendly films in my collection, its just that this film is emotional tripe of the highest level and I can't even recommend it to Kevin Smith fans.  The only reason it gets a star is for the presence of Kevin Smith, other than that steer clear and just deal with eh boredom of a Sunday afternoon.