Event Review: Avenue Q
Rating:no star rating

We recently were taken to the famous Fox Theater in Atlanta for a touring broadway production of "Avenue Q". Using a familiar Sesame Street and Electric company-ish set, as well as format, this was anything but a child's show. (Not that I'm against mature entertainment you doody heads) 

The cast was mostly half puppets (the upper-half fortunately) with the human operator standing, holding them visible by the audience, and three actual human charactors, one of which was a female playing Gary Coleman!(She did a great job!)

First, let me say the set was great, the production aspect was very enjoyable. There was some great special effects the least of which were two screens that lowered at certain times to run  bits that co-incided or enhanced a scene. If I were to describe the pyrotechnics, strobes, fog machine or giant puppet that appears over the set I would only spoil the fun for anyone who might be inclined to plunk down $36 and up for a ticket.

I'll also add the cast was wonderful, professional,talented and did a fantastic job.Oh and it was a musical...maybe more music than speaking.

The problem was, it was the biggest, most putrid serving of humanist propaganda I've ever seen under the guise of "satire".  Dying for a real laugh, I think I chuckled twice. The dialogue was written seemingly by and for college age kids who like to use crude language. It's a pity really, but who am I to argue with an award winning hit play? The audience at the Fox ate it up. We left feeling a little sick to our stomachs.

I can't rate this cause the production and actors were top notch but the writing was down  in the gutter.