I took a trip "upstate" yesterday to see good ol' Brian and check out "Lost in La Mancha" in Rhinebeck (review forthcoming). Along the way I was witness to something truly disturbing/amazing.

At a traffic light, a compact car full of urban youths pulled up along side a taxi van. There was clearly a disagreement between the two vehicles. Apparently the folks in the taxi believed that they shouldn't be beaten with bare fists in the middle of rush hour traffic, and those in the car saw things from a different perspective. The kids from the car forcibly entered the taxi and began waling on the passengers, while two young ladies in the back seat of the car leaned out the window and performed an obscenity-laced cheer. Their support for their boyfriends was heartwarming.

Sadly, the light turned green and I had to move along, as I was at the head of the only lane now free for passage. I would very much like to know what the outcome was, but I think even more fascinating would be the events that led up to the altercation. Was it a property dispute? Did they have conflicting viewpoints on the interpretation of Doctor Faustus? Did someone be steppin'? We may never know.

This replaced what was previously the coolest thing I'd seen this week: a clerk at Best Buy whistling along with a rap song. Not with the chorus, not with the sampled melody, he was whistling along with the rapping. Just imagine a greasy faced, red-headed mall clerk stocking Shania Twain CDs and whistling one note over and over in rhythm with Eminem. Classic.

Josh out.