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posted by sutariyubi Sun Oct 03, 2004
A running doll
Another image in my "doll" style. She's running. Whoo.
posted by sutariyubi Sun Oct 03, 2004
random j-rocker
I felt like drawing something wild and crazy. So I drew this J-rock girl.
posted by sutariyubi Sun Oct 03, 2004
I wanted to draw a random Ko-gal character. Ko-gals are these Japanese girls who dress up sort of like little kids... it's weird but they're so durned cute.
posted by sutariyubi Sun Oct 03, 2004
Tenmei Neko
Another one of those characters I draw a lot. She's got this weird cat thing going on, and... yeah. Well, this still makes me wonder if I would have gotten into FIT had I actually applied there.
posted by sutariyubi Sun Sep 26, 2004
Dude with fan
Yeah, of the three versions of this I tried to make on my computer this was best. Actually hand-colored lol

posted by sutariyubi Fri Aug 27, 2004
.... Random doodle.
ok, yeah, at this point I'm just posting personal artwork for the sake of posting.

And I tried more stuff from the program. funfunfun.

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