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I am sitting in the Atlanta airport right now, gate E33. I have been sitting here for about 15 minutes and I hear this woman screaming. And by screaming, I mean the crying/scream fit you would throw as a child when Mommy and Daddy didn’t by you a new bike for your birthday.

And I quote, “I have FIRST CLASS TICKETS. You need to make that plane wait for me, or I will have your job. This is YOUR fault.”

To this the customer service lady at the ticket counter looks her straight in the eye and says, “Nope.” And then proceeds to tell the ground crew to push the plane out for take off.

I laugh, because you know those tickets were over $2,000 a piece, and with a family of three (Scream Lady, her poor husband, and snotty daughter. BTW, Snotty daughter is on the Razor Cell Phone, with a diamond encrusted cover. She is telling he best friend in the whole world how her mom is going to kill the airline lady.)

And the $6,000+ dollars they speant did nothing to help them catch there flight. Scream lady is now going on, “Nobody would help me, nobody would make a call.” Cry me a river and catch your flight like everybody else. Heaven forbid you schedule in an hour or two layover.

posted by nathan Wed Sep 08, 2004
Even more Cuteness
Another picture of the nephews (and the rest of the crew, Mom, Dad, Auntie and the bald ugly guy is me aka Uncle.) The nephews have not grown out of their cuteness!!!
posted by nathan Sat Jul 24, 2004
100 Years Old! And Still Ticking....
Article of Angela Grandfather turning 100 years old
posted by nathan Fri Jul 23, 2004
The Nyack Ladies - 1997
When looking for pictures of Kelly, found this one as well. From Left to right: Deb, Jen, Kelly, Shereen, Laura. (There is a lady kinda hidden in there, that's Megan.)
posted by nathan Fri Jul 23, 2004
Kelly - 1997
In response to Kelly's Plea for picture of herself on Love ya girl!
posted by nathan Fri Jul 23, 2004
Josh Way 1997 - As I remember Him
Here is Josh Way, in all his glory, just the way I remember him.
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