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So I have hit an all time low on the offense scale.  Last week, I offended a race of people known for volvo's, red little gummy fish, and bikini teams full of voluptuous blond haired beauties.  That is right, it is not like I haven't offended enough African Americans (and also black people not from Africa as well), Hispanics, Asians, or even good old white folk, I had to take on the swedes.  I thought they were safe, I thought no one would mind, I was wrong.

We made a video for a See You At the Pole pep rally we were doing with another church in town.  In this clever, well produced expose, we asserted that the swedes had come up with See You at the Pole and the Americans had stolen the idea.(brilliant, I know)  We created a character named Oscar Meyer who coincidentally had another invention stolen from him.  (My guess is you can figure out what is was)  Anyway, it was a dumb movie meant to get a cheap laugh and because it was seen at a church event, it was completely PC and appropriate.  We showed the movie, got the laugh and moved on.

After the service was over, I had a leader from the other church approach me about the movie.  This is the conversation that ensued:

"Did you come up with that movie on purpose because our church was here."

"No, our kids came up with the idea, why would you ask me that."

"Our denomination (covenant) was started by Swedes, we have an elder who is 100% Swedish and he is on the national board, his kids were here tonight.  I am sure you will be hearing from him."

"I am sorry, didn't mean to offend you, actually if we trace our denomination back, we are Swedish as well(Swedish baptist), not that I really care, I am guessing about two people in our church know that though?"

"Well I am just saying..."

I know that this isn't the most offensive thing I have ever done to anyone but it really just got under my skin.  To think that I would have researched their denomination, found out their church is way into its history and come up with a movie making fun of the Swedes to poke at them is pretty ridiculous.  And for someone to be mad enough to use the "I am just saying.." phrase, give me a break.

Thanks for letting me vent, this might just be more evidence that our world is just crashing down around us, the end is near.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - A doctor's way of telling you they can't find out whats wrong with you and don't want to keep trying.

So some of you may know and other's have no idea but my wife has been sick for like a year.  It has been a really hard tough year in respect to that.  She has had aches, can't sleep, always tired, no stamina, joint pain, upset stomach, and battled with depression because of it.  Just imagine not feeling well, not one day, for an entire year, it sucked alot.  She hasn't worked since January and things just seemed to be getting worse. 

She was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in February when after a year, no doctor could actually find anything wrong with her.  Apparently, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can have thousands of different symptoms and can look like anything.  What is even more convienent is that there is no test for it and so it can't be confirmed, only treated.  Treatment can take anywhere from 5 days to 6 months to help and doctors aren't really sure how much better you are going to get from taking the pill for treatment. 

What a crock. 

Well, we did blood work again (3 time this year) last week after she seemed to be getting worse.  They ran all the same tests and this time they found something else that can cause every problem she had as well.  She has Lyme Disease!!  Hooray!!  I know that it seems weird to celebrate your loved one having a potentially dibilitating disease but anything is better than CFS.  Lyme can be treated and it looks like in about a month, she will be free from pain and disease and be back to her old self.  Apparently the test for lyme is not always accurate and comes back negative alot when someone actually has it.  I have been doing research and found that alot of cases of CFS are undiagnosed cases of other diseases and the most common is Lyme Disease. 

After a year of frustration, it looks like a light at the end of the tunnel.  Who ever thought God would answer prayer with Lyme Disease.  Well, I had taco bell for lunch and am suddenly not feeling well, it must be my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome kicking up again, I better go take my pills.
Newish Car given to Youth Pastor at Affordable Price!
We have had a rough run with cars lately and that caused us to be without cars for a couple of weeks and so we prayed for a car with some space to shuttle around teens that had 4 wheel drive. Someone in our church offered us this car last week at a price that was about a 1/3 of the cost of the vehicle. We snatched it up and thanked God, check out our 04 Chrsyler Pacifica (only 30000 miles on it) with seating for 6 and All Wheel Drive. Hip Hip Hooray!
Ok, so Cricky and I did not know each other before but would have met soon after we both got invloved at this website. Here is a strange list of crazy relations we had before we met here.

We both graduated from Nyack College,
one of my best friends growing up was best friends with his wife, I met his wife many times as a teenager and worked at the same camp as her for a whole summer. He moved to the area I grew up in after college and began attending the church I attended as a teenager.

So we met here when he posted a picture of him and his wife when they got married, I recognized his wife.

Now Cricky and I share Nyack friends, I share friends with his wife and we share his new church/my old church friends. Cricky and I would have definately met but we sped up the process with Weird circumstances huh!

Anyone else got a crazy story like that?
I saw a Victoria's Secret commercial the other day with the Switchfoot song "Adding to the Noise" playing in the background. I am frustrated enough about Victoria's Secret commercials being on TV but dragging Switchfoot into this is not cool. I started doing some googleing and apparently Switchfoot has no control over where their music ends up. Alot of people accuse good Christian bands of selling out when they sign with major labels, I have always defended them. It seems to me that if they have a message, it is getting out to a larger crowd. I guess, this is the part of the downside to "selling out." Get a better distrubution and get paid more and get more publicity but lose control of use. I am not mad at Switchfoot, I just wish there was a way for them to have some control over thier music.
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