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posted by jondoe Wed Feb 06, 2008
Video Game Review: Black
Rating:4 star(s)

This is a review that I wrote awhile ago and I'm sure it won't help anyone out anymore but I'm deciding to post it anyway.

'Black' on the Xbox.

Rating: M

Genre: First Person Shooter.

Controls: It uses standard FPS controls with the option to invert the look.

Story: This one has an interesting story behind it (now if you were wondering there won't be any spoilers so it's safe to read on). The story is that you play as a "Black Operative" that was caught and is being interrogated by the FBI and as he (in the cutscenes) tells the cop what happened you play out what he said. Now you probably don't know what a "Black Operative" is so I shall tell you with a quote from the back of the case;"A Black Operative obeys no laws, knows no boarders, kills without mercy and lives by the 5 rules of Guncraft:
1. Guns are the stars
2. Every bullet is your baby
3. Bigger guns, louder explosions
4. Leave a trail of destruction
5.Get creative with your kills."

Cheesy? Yes! But moving on....

Graphics: The graphics in this game are way above average. The explosions (of which there are many) are beautiful and the way the sunlight peers down through a hole in the wall looks great.

Physics: Ahhhh, one of the best parts of the game are it's physics. In most parts of the game if there's a busted up wall you can use your bullets to break it down more. And when every bullet hits it shoots up a small cloud of dirt and/or dust.

Explicit Content: There's thousands of bullets that you will shoot and tens-of-thousands of bullets that will be flying at you and as much fun as that sounds to me I guess I have to mark it down as violence. Other that that you will here your fair share of F-words (with a rough estimate I would put it at about 20 that I heard)and a few other explicit words here and there.

The Good: The good A.I. : Something that I noticed in the game is that enemies will try to take cover when you start shooting at them, it was very refreshing to see that in a game.

The Bad: It was hard to find major flaws in it at all but at least the only problems I found are small ones. 2 things, 1. is that there's no multiplayer, this is probably the biggest problem I found with it. 2. Is some slightly slow frame rate i.e. when the screen is very busy with explosions and gunfire it tends to slow down the game for a brief instant.

Bottom-line: I would recommend this title to any FPS fan; it's one of the better games I own.


posted by jondoe Sat Oct 13, 2007
Hey...I'm sure none of you remember me but I used to post here a long time ago.

My last log in must have been not much under a year ago I think.

So, how has everyone been?
posted by jondoe Fri Nov 03, 2006
I was wondering if someone here could tell me a cheap if not free way to promote a forum?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
posted by jondoe Thu Jul 06, 2006
Video Game Review: Max Payne (Xbox)
Rating:4 star(s)

Well before I get into it I have to say that this is my first review after bothering Josh about putting video game in the drop-down so please lower your expectations before reading on.


Action (third-person)

This is one thing that is very important in a game, because if you don't have a good story the player won't get enveloped in the game. This one did not disappoint. It had a deep back-story, it sucked you into it and you could feel bad for the main character. It's a noir story (with cut scenes set up like a comic book) about a cop that looses his family, and for the sake of spoilers I'll leave it at that.

The single most important thing about a video game.
It controls like a first person shooter so if you're use to that you'll do great, although you may find yourself wanting to take your little button filled friend and smash it into the floor at certain parts of the game that require extreme patience. But overall the controls are easy to learn and execute.

Explicit Content:
For an M rated title this one does not have much language. As far as sexual content, every once in a while you will see the outside of a strip club, posters of bikini clad women on many walls throughout the game and a few vibrating beds here and there but for the most part this game did not get it's M from sexual content or language. But the main reason it got it's M was from the violence and blood in the game, every person that you kill bleeds as well as a few parts that are not for the faint of heart.

Do not buy this game for it's graphics. The frame rate is good but the graphics are less than admirable.

New: 10.00 - 20.00. Used: 5.00

I would definitely recommend this title to any action or noir fan.

Well there it is my first review at

posted by jondoe Tue Jul 04, 2006
Dear Joshway,

It has come to my attention that I am not able to write a review about any video games. I understand that there isn't many gamers here and that most people wouldn't care anyway but I'm just saying that if there was an option for it you would see many video game reviews coming from me.

Because if there's one thing I know it's video games.
posted by jondoe Thu Jun 15, 2006
The other day when I was at work I noticed that I was eating healthy foods,
and not on purpose.

For a while I always ate junk food. But now I've substituted better food in place of the junk food:

Now instead of pop I drink naturally flavored water,
Instead of Little Debbie snacks now I get a chicken sandwich from subway for lunch.

I almost feel proud of myself.
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