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posted by dalix Fri Apr 25, 2008
Safty First
Found this at Home Depot on one of their Venetian blind cutting machines. I added the "e." I just couldn't take it. Plus they made me wait for a half-hour for someone to show up to cut my blinds. I deeply apologize for the quality of the image. Cell phone cameras suck. Mine does anyway. Re-uploaded due to (Safari?) issues.
posted by dalix Fri Apr 15, 2005
What the...?
I got bored and Ehmi said someone should edit the pic of her dog.
posted by dalix Tue Feb 01, 2005
For LordHoopla
LordHoopla made a "similar" poster. He requested that someone touch it up digitally. I took "touch up" to mean completely re-do and came out with this. 10 minutes in Photoshop. LordHoopla, enjoy.
posted by dalix Sat Jan 29, 2005
Took this in Dallas.
posted by dalix Thu Jan 27, 2005
Spell Check!
Yes, this actually happened. This came up while using one of the old Kingdom computers in my College Writing class. I was clinically brain dead for a full minute when I read its suggestion.
posted by dalix Wed Jan 26, 2005
Unused Space
Ah the mall. Its mystical wonders and gross overcapitalization of everything that is good and holy never cease to amaze me. It even seems to drive people to seat themselves in limbo in their overwhelming frustration with the evils of advertising and bad mall food.
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