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posted by crazyguy Tue Feb 01, 2005
George Carlin
This is my feeble attempt at drawing George Carlin. It is off of the cover of Brain Droppings (his book.)
posted by crazyguy Sun Jan 30, 2005
Sketchings of Magic Cards #2
This is another magic card I drew. The scanner cut off some parts of it, but you can see the general picture. This one is called Nuerok Familiar.

posted by crazyguy Sat Dec 25, 2004
Sketchings of Magic Cards #1
This one is called Sligt of Hand. This is quiet possibly the best female I have ever drawn, sad? yes. I have neve been able to make them proportionate, especially the facial features.
posted by crazyguy Sun Sep 05, 2004
The truth
I couldn't help but share this one with you guys.
posted by crazyguy Mon Aug 23, 2004
*no comment*
posted by crazyguy Mon Aug 23, 2004
Girls are Evil
I found this on the internet and I just thought I should share this with the Joshway community.
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