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posted by chemtrooper Fri Aug 19, 2005
Rocks pray too.
Tilt your head to the left to see the woman and child praying. Either this is a real place (if it were surely everyone would want to see it live) or someone is awesome at programming CG.
posted by chemtrooper Thu Aug 18, 2005
Economics is a very simple yet complex field of study. For me, economics is a necessity to everyday life. If everyone had a basic understanding of how people "use their limited resources which have multiple purposes" then people wouldn't be so quick to judge "The Man" for his outrageous pricing. I will point out three key factors in which gas pricing is actually helping our economy and progressing into cleaner fuel sources. This is of course under the assumption that everyone economizes their resources, including money, despite their level of social stratification.

1. Oil is at an all time high per barrel, a whopping $67 per barrel. Since OPEC is almost non-existent thanks to our current president, there is no longer a group of "big whigs" sitting in private meetings discussing how much each of them will charge for their product. OPEC is a known cartel that operated during the most recent energy crisis in the late 70's. A cartel is a group of "competitors" who conspire to not compete with each other as long as all of them agree to do it. If one member decides to undercut their "competition", thus disbanding them from the cartel, the other competition will seek out retribution for the mutiny. What's different now about this "energy crisis" is that oil companies are doing exactly what a price based economy is supposed to do, weigh supply vs. demand and develop a competitive price. Therefore, unlike the 70's, we are experiencing these high gas prices due to an increase in demand, this also explains all of the oil-field related jobs appearing overnight. Another point is that we won't fall into a recession this time because SUV's take up a bulk of the demand on gas. The price would drop if the supply overran the demand. Not to worry my fellow Americans, this is merely a sign that our economy is growing and not becoming stagnant.

2. America's petroleum demands are so high that oil has to be imported from the Middle-East just to keep up with the demand. The war in Iraq has sparked a huge controversy over why America is involved. Yes, we are in Iraq for oil, which is ethically wrong, or is it? I tend to see the war in Iraq as a double edged sword. Since I had to research this topic for my own good, I have really weighed the evidence for both sides of the argument. First of all, isn't any war truly fought over scarce resources? Is that not the true nature of war, to collect resources? Yet, it is unlawful in a democratic society to 'take' resources away from others "in the name of freedom?" The other edge of this sword is how many jobs have been created for Iraqis and Americans alike because they no longer live under an oppresive leadership. Iraq is now generating a higher GNP remarkably fast. I believe we live in a global economy now and that if one nation suffers from an oppresive government and cannot meet production standards relative to the rest of the world, then who is really to blame for letting those precious resources being wasted? We had to get involved in order to help maintain this global economy's demand for fuel. Contrary to popular belief, America's Middle-Eastern involvement was necessary, not voluntary, to keep us in the game.

3. ANWAR is the key to America's independence of foreign oil. It is a fact, according to some geologists, the oil supply will not run out for 200 years, even at our current rate of consumption. However, if we keep refusing ourselves the possibility of Alaska's "final frontier" to drill for this resource, we will only be hurting ourselves in the long run, since the "Spotted-Beaver" is close to extinction. Yes, wildlife preservation is keeping America dependent on foreign oil. Most oil companies and governmental laws know the environmental risks of drilling oil and exercise precautions to maintain an acceptable level of risk. I'm not saying that I don't give a damn about the spotted-beaver, but I think environmentalist fanatics have taken it too far and that the minority has overtaken the voice of the majority. The majority of people I've spoken with agree that we need to become less dependent on foreign oil but see no light at the end of that tunnel due to a select group of people who would rather be "all natural" than take a shower. It's not the same administration as it was 30 years ago when oil was really picking up.

Ultimately, we all need oil to drive to work and the grocery store. With the boom in place, this halts any R&D dollars being put into alternative fuel sources. Research and Development is being put back into the oil industry in order to make it safer, cleaner and more efficient. I don't think anyone needs to really worry about another recession because this is just the ebb and flows of a bullish economy.
Some of you may have already received an e-mail saying something about Mars being really close to Earth (approx. 34,000,000 miles) and will be the second brightest object in the sky. Well, I try to verify any scientific "rumor" with fact from a specialist with credentials. Sadly, I cannot verify this at or Discover magazine as of yet. However, the newscasts have ran the story as gospel truth. Has any of you heard about this or can help me verify it?

Here's what I've found out:
1. This phenomenom has never happened in recorded history.
2. According to this RN's email, Astronomers are predicting that this will happen again in 60,000 years.
3. Mars orbit around the Sun is greatly influenced by Jupiter's gravity.
4. With 75x magnification, Mars will look as big as the full moon.
5. This spectacle will happen all through August

Hey, if you don't catch it this time you'll be able to see it next time.

Updated Information:

This e-mail I received is believed to be a chain letter started two years ago when the event actually occured.

Mars will be exceptionally close to Earth this time around but this occurs about every three to four years.

People have confused this e-mail with other emails about astronomical phenomena; concluding that it was tied into the recent conjunction of Mars and Venus. (Obviously I'm one of them).

Chemtrooper is sorry for putting out bad information and will beat himself with a cat-o-nine-tails to serve as a penance for this sin.

posted by chemtrooper Sun Jun 19, 2005
I have recently discovered "Darkling" beetles infesting our store. They look like cockroaches except for their hardened wing structure. I looked these little critters up on the internet and discovered that they are nothing more than adult mealworms. The larval stage of the Darking are ground up into a fine powder and used in preservatives, apparently they also make a great fish bait! They're everywhere! We drive down the road and can hear popping sounds from driving over them. Has anyone else seen such an infestation? It's not unusual to find them around trashcans because they are decomposers, and they can wreak havoc on crops as well. Check out this linkto compare morphologies of suspected insects.

The one strange thing about this insect is that they apparently are not indigenous to this area, at least not according to my quick-reference entomology book.
posted by chemtrooper Thu Jun 16, 2005
I recently read the essay on the three facts about some of the JoshWay members. I have come to a startling conclusion from all the references about the East Coast and New England: I must be the only southerner here! Yes, I live in New Mexico, five mlies from the Texas border and speak with a Texas accent. I never realized I had an accent until I went to Army boot camp in South Carolina.

Historically speaking, Lea County was once part of the Texas Republic (we have the historical marker on the side of the highway to prove it!)

the City of Hobbs sits at a whopping 6,878 feet above sea level but is flat as a board and treeless.

Here are some facts about me:

I have two children;a loving wife who works at a country music radio station. Here's a link to her radio station website and webcam
My favorite food is chinese, not mexican. Yes, down here they ask you if you want red or green sauce on your enchiladas.
Our annual rainfall down here is about 22 inches a year!
I am a biology major who substitute teaches on the side until I have my science teaching endorsement. I currently work at a convenience store. ( yea yea, I took the job)
Our main industry here is crude oil.
Summer temperatures range between 106F during the day and 66F at night.

I've said enough, If you want to learn more about this hole in the earth visitThis webpage!
posted by chemtrooper Thu May 26, 2005
Film Review: Constantine
Rating:2 star(s)

I don't know if anyone wrote a review of "Constantine" so here's my opinion.

I've never been much on horror movies but "Constantine" struck my fancy in an odd way. The special effects were decent and the plot was O.K. However, to the effect that the angel Gabriel had an accord with Satan to revive Satan's son from hell was just way too far out there. According to this movie, there are several "bibles" out there with highly contradicting points of view. Constantine is this exorcist that drives some pretty nasty demons out of people. The bad part: There is not much difference between Neo (the Matrix) and Constantine when it comes to character development. This movie is really not worth seeing when it comes out on DVD unless you borrow it from a friend and return it the next day.

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