Despite being able to gain some insight into the man through his essays, rants, cinematic reviews and overly-extensive photo collection, Josh Way still very much remains an enigma to many of us - until now. Through exhaustive and extensive research, phone tapping and straight-out bribery, I've been able to gather some little-known facts about our own beloved web-master, and presented them here, in no particular order. But be warned; these may come as a shock, even to those of you who think you know him best.

1.) Even as a child, Josh was abnormally creative and gifted, but extremely shy, which made finding friends nearly impossible. His parents, naturally, were concerned. When his mother encouraged young Josh to "make" some friends, he constructed Brian and me in his basement, using random body parts, Crazy Glue, and mad phat flava.

2.) At one time Josh was simultaneously engaged to all four Golden Girls.

3.) Josh was the original star of the film "Geppetto", but when producers discovered that it wasn't his nose seen growing on screen, he was fired and Drew Carey digitally inserted.

4.) At one particularly dark point in his life, Josh routinely referred to tv's Richard Simmons as a "sexy mutha".

5.) Josh is the founder, president, and sole member of the Greater Poughkeepsie area Joey Lawrence fan club (whoa!).

6.) At any given time, Josh has a complete Mexican meal secreted in his pants.

7.) Nine out of ten women prefer the company of Josh Way to that of a discarded wind instrument, an unswept stairwell, three packs of Big League Chew, and a lawn ornament in the likeness of Connie Chung (BUT IN THAT ORDER ONLY).

8.) Having suffered a bizarre photography accident with a chemical fixer mixed in powdered gravy, Josh's right hand is in a permanent state of blurriness - cured only by a strong sense of self loathing and malt liquor.

9.) If Josh were a periodic element, he'd be Boron.

10.) If you stare at Josh's face for a long time and let your eyes drift slightly out of focus, you can see an image of Ben Vereen riding a pony.

I certainly hope I haven't shocked anyone, at least not to the point where they might consider doing something harmful to themselves or any of the cast of "Mr. Belvedere". I would like to take this opportunity to thank Brian, who was a source of both inspiration and blatant lies about Josh's life in our combined effort to bring this information to the community. If we were able to shed but a few rays of light on the mystery that is Josh Way, our work was not in vain.