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posted by bummo Tue Dec 18, 2007
Merry Xmas from these old folks...
This is what we look like now. Matt is still hot, and I'm still trying too hard to be hot. 
posted by bummo Tue Dec 18, 2007
The REAL Santa
At least- they thought he was...

They dont need to know his name is Allen....
posted by bummo Tue Dec 18, 2007
Budding musician
I love this picture.

This is Wyatts violin teacher, Lisa....well, ok, he's not taking  lessons this year, but he took them last year and may resume next year!

We are lucky to have her since she is so awesome and does so well with the kids (and at $15 a lesson...we can afford it!)

This was taken at our Grange Christmas Bazaar. She always does a little music class with local kids at community functions.

Shameless baby picture, I know....but it's the holidays and I'm all sentimental!
posted by bummo Wed Nov 21, 2007
I cant believe I didn't post this earlier.

Kinda cheesy homemade costumes, but the kids LOVED  them and people actually knew what they were. How many geek points does this get me?

Cheetarah and Lion-O, by the case you couldn't tell. And Scarlet, who's not pictured was Wily-Kit.

(next year they say they want to be the SAME thing.)
posted by bummo Thu Sep 27, 2007
I haven't drawn in a long time. And my favorite thing to do- portrait in pencil has always in my opinion been a bit of a sham.

I usually have to project the image onto paper or graph to get the face right. I can never quite get it accurate, it  seems.

So, the other night- I decided to go for it- and since the only face laying around a 11pm (that would sit still) was mine- I did a self portrait.

How'd I do? I didn;t finish the hair- I'm not blond, I know- I just got tired and stopped- but any critiscism on the face would be welcome. I only used one soft lead pencil and no erasers or blending stumps. I usually like to use hard lead pencils and layer up to an Ebony pencil thn blend, blend, blend. But this time my goal was just hardcore no-limits drawing.
(i just snapped this photo for reference...)

posted by bummo Fri Sep 14, 2007
Ok- insert caption here:
Or, When babies make weird faces.

Yes, we have a goofball on our hands, folks. This is what she does when we say "SMILE, SCARLET!!"
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