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The Ten O'clock News did a little story tonight about Airman Jeffrey Pelehac, Class of 2007. You may know him as "The Dancing Cadet." He and his roommate, Brian Stoops, will be graduating next Wednesday as 2nd Lt. Here's a little tribute:

Hungry for more?

Long version
Fox 21 Newscast
posted by astrogirl Wed May 09, 2007
I've been noticing a lot of new Apple commercials and (major geek alert) "Macoholic" that I am, I went to their website to download them. While on their front page, I noticed a button for A Greener Apple. It's an article by Steve Jobs relating all the steps that Apple has taken to remove or reduce the amount of toxic materials in their products.

A Greener Apple

The funny thing is that while the article talks about all the wonderful stuff that Apple is doing, did anyone in their design department take a good look at that button? It's a HUGE red flag being waved in the face of Paul McCartney. He's already tried suing Apple before and this is really going to get him going... after all he's really spoiling for another good fight. And this time, well, I think Apple has stepped in it or at least crossed the line in imitating the Apple Record label too much. It will be interesting to watch what ensues (with safety goggles of course!).

Interesting "bunny trail:" Early Apple sound designer Jim Reekes corrects Sosumi myth
posted by astrogirl Mon Apr 16, 2007
The C&MA National office is looking for a Web Designer: Open Positions

The other Web Designer took over as the Web Manager so we have an opening. Our team has two program/software developers (aka the "Techies"), a Web Manager (aka "Webmaster") and myself (aka the "Professional Web Goddess").

Bunny-Trail Alert: There's not too many Web-geek girls, so when I took my position as Web Designer, the rest of the creative staff had great fun coming up with female variations of Webmaster. I decided to take matters into my own hands and came up with the titles "Mistress of the Web" and "Professional Web Goddess." It's better than what one of the videographers called me!
posted by astrogirl Tue Feb 27, 2007
Check out the second story under Alliance News Headlines. Working on the G.C. Kidz club was super fun. I did all the animations (except for the games) in Flash. It was also fun getting to go to the dinner and accept the awards!
posted by astrogirl Fri Nov 10, 2006
posted by astrogirl Wed Nov 08, 2006
"Astrogirl Alert"

For those of you who are interested, you can see near real-time images of the planet Mercury RIGHT NOW crossing the face of the Sun at:

The tiny round dot nearing the middle of the Sun is Mercury. If you open and resize your browser window, the image will automatically update, giving you a near real-time image.

The next viewable transit of Mercury will not occur again until 2016.

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