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posted by SMAKtheMic Wed Feb 07, 2007
This Super bowl commercial  from snickers has hit a chord with gay and lesbian rights groups.
Now, I personally think this commercial is just funny, no hatred involved, but some people think otherwise. The bigger thing as well is that snickers had a website up that had three alternate endings to the commercial, in which one had one of them hit the other in the stomach with a wrench and then he had his slammed by the hood of a car, and in the other they drink antifreeze and motor oil.

Now, although I can understand how these additional commercials could be construed as being hateful, I think that in their essence they aren't. They're just trying to use an awkward situation, with societal ideals of what manliness is, i.e. taking pain or drinking anything. They're not trying to kill each other. I don't get how our society has gotten so Politically Correct that things that are meant to be harmless jokes are inflated to the level of a hate crime.

My Grandmother died on the 12th of October this year. She was an amazing woman and had a whole lot of love. She was also the mother of four adopted children. This being our first Christmas without her, we were doing a little remembering, as well as some division of old stuff that she had when we came across photocopies of an article that was printed in a newspaper of a letter that my Aunt Jamie had sent to them. I asked her permission to and so now I want to share it with you:

Editor's note: The Courier-Express women's editor Rita Smith, has been writing a number of stories expressing readers' differing views on the question of whether court adoption records should or should not be opened to adoptees when they are adults. Ms. Jamie E. Kerr, adopted daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Kerr of 289 Stockbridge Ave., chose the occasion of Mother's Day, to give her viewpoint in a letter to The Courier-Express. Her letter follows.

Dear Editors,
With Mother's Day of 1976 approaching, I felt that I could no longer remain silent concerning the issue of adopted children and court records. The topic has been discussed at length by Rita Smith in her column. Her recent April 25th article was on Mrs. Maul (Mrs. Marilyn Maul, an adoptee in Orchard Park) and AIM (Always in Me to Look). As an adopted daughter with three adopted brothers, I would like to make several comments.

Probably the most disturbing aspect in this controversy is motherhood is synonymous with bearing a child. I do not think the two terms are necessarily related. On the contrary, motherhood and child bearing are two distinct roles.

Being a parent involves selflessness doing without, 20 or more years of crying, caring, hoping, loving. It is often difficult and full of heartache.

Anthropologist Margret Mead in the "Modern Mother" writes "... the love and care a child evokes in it's mother does not depend on whether it is beautiful or homely, plump or thin, fretful or content; as long as it lives -- and hopefully thrives -- it is hers to care for. It is absolute, unconditional acceptance that every child needs. Lacking it, a human being never ceases to seek it..."

I think it is this absolute, unconditional love which makes one a mother or a father; bearing a child is only a step in that direction.

Given this orientation, statements by Mrs. Maul such as "when agencies and courts sever us from our parents through adoption" and "I was really sick and depressed ... i just wanted so badly to find my mother" seem meaningless.

Parenthood involves years of unconditional love. I could never refer to someone I've never seen or known as my mother or father.

Next and separate from the issues already discussed, I think all children wonder about "where they came from, how they got here." And adoptive parents should not be alarmed at the natural curiosity of their children.

However, when curiosity of an adopted child/adult grows into an emotionally depressed and physically deteriorated condition, the child/adult has a serious problem and i suggest the problem extends far beyond the need to know, to find the woman who gave them birth.

I suspect these individuals are looking for that unconditional love and acceptance of which Margaret Mead so beautifully wrote. You see, just as bearing a child does not make one a parent, neither does adopting a child. There are both good and bad adoptive parents. Therefore, and adopted child/adult who lacks unconditional love and acceptance like all other human beings never ceases looking for it.

And, I further think it is a sad and tragic mistake to look for this love in a direction such as opening court records and contacting people in the past.

I think it is far more productive for adopted children, and all people, to face their problems, recognize and deal directly with their needs because only a handful of the adopted children with problems will find their answer in the past; most will find more heartache.

Finally, I wish to dedicate this writing to my parents. They are one of the few couples to have achieved a level of total selflessness and love. Their capacity for caring and giving seems endless. The success of my parents should give hope to both adoptive and natural parents alike.

Ms. Jamie E. Kerr

posted by SMAKtheMic Sun Dec 10, 2006
I'd like to comment for a moment if i can about the phenomena of Blog internet Surveys and the injustice that comes along with them.

Okay, so there's always these surveys going around that people fill out and post on their blogs, but almost all of them seem to be directed twards women. What's your favorite food? What's the most romantic thing your partner has done for you? When's the last time you went to your OBGYN? I mean, come on. Where's the love? Where's the equal treatment? Where's the questions about the last time you scratched yourself or farted in public?.

I think that what we need to take a stand against this sexism in the internet and create a survery that is focused at Men so that we can start getting some equal treatment out here. Far too long have we suffered the Virtual injustice of feeling excluded from surveys lest we look like sissies or even, dare i say it, weird. If you, like me, are sick of these injustices that are perpetrated against our race, then i beg you to help me rise up against the tyrany that is the Blog Surveys and create our own, so that we too may have a voice in today's E-knowledge.

I submit this to kick off the rebellion against the opression, and may it gain steam until Men have equal footing in surveys. Thank you.

Do you like Beer?
Do you like Sports (Any sport at all)?
Can you look at your friends and know exactly what they're trying to tell you without saying anything?
Do you get in random fake gunfights because of previously mentioned telepathic bond?
Have you ever thought about how cool it would be to put on armor, pick up a sword, and charge ito battle?

If you answered yes to most of these, you're either a Man, or a really cool chick. Congradulations. Have a sticker.

It's not perfect, but soon we will rise up from the ashes.
I can't really call this a review because i don't have a Wii, nor have I played the Wii or even seen one in person. This is more what i've gathered from outside sources.

I was chilling online yesterday, bored, so i went over to youtube. I was actually looking up some stuff on Hot Fuzz which is one of Simon Pegg's (aka Shaun from Shaun of the Dead, and Tim from Spaced) new films when i saw a six and a half minute video from E3 on The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (posted below).

Being the Zelda fan that I am, I had to check this thing out. I had seen the new controller before and thought that it would be to strange for people to use. I mean come on, only a d pad, and a few buttons? Then i saw what is deemed the "nunchuck". The nunchuck is the part of the controller that i thought was missing. The nunchuck is a left hand attatchment for the Wii. It has two trigger buttons on the back and an analog stick. Becuase of this, it looks like you can have whichever one in whichever hand you want. Lefties will love it. They also both come with motion sensors, so if you're playing a boxing game, you don't have to push buttons to punch, you just punch. Last feature... speaker in the controller. This feature i love because of Zelda. The controller's speaker will play the sound of you pulling back on a bowstring and fireing the arrow right in your own hands, and as the arrow leaves the sound will travel from your hands to the tv, where it thuds into the chest of your enemy.

The graphics on the Wii are amazing too. Just as good as i could have wanted. Both times PS came out arouind the same time as Nintendo, i was worried that nintendo's graphics wouldn't be as good, and each time Nintendo seems to have just as good graphics, if not better. The Wii has other features too that i'm not even sure of, but i do know one thing. We'll be able to download older NES, SNES, N64, Genisis, and NEC TurnoGrafx games such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Toe Jam and Earl, Donky Kong JR., Legend of Zelda, LOZ: A Link to the Past, LOZ: Ocerina of Time, and Many more strait to the Wii.

I'm sold. I want a Wii. Dont think i'm bashing the PS3, because i still want a PS3, I just want the Wii a whole lot more. Now i leave you with this:

posted by SMAKtheMic Thu Nov 16, 2006
Spoofs  on songs, and Gregorian chant... Hope you enjoy as much as i did. They make me giggle.
posted by SMAKtheMic Sat Sep 30, 2006
Video Game Review: Quest for Glory: So you want to be a hero
Rating:5 star(s)

This review is about 17 years late, but that doesn't really matter. So i was just chilling, minding my own business when WHAM! out of the blue i get a blast in the face of nostalgia after playing and beating Peasant's Quest on so and remember this computer game i used to play when i was little called Hero's Quest 1, later renamed Quest for Glory 1, subtitled So you want to be a hero. seriously guys, best game ever! It was a text based adventure game a la origional King's Quest. I spent days on end playing this with my cousins at their house. I can't legaly say that it's technically the best game. The graphics are horrendus and the sound is midi files. yeah that's right. midi files. the kind of sounds that you didn't think were possible but that actually came out of the bowels of your computer. It was later remaid with "better graphics", "enhanced sound" and "no more text input". I can not stress how fun the origional game was though. If you can find a copy of this, download this, or otherwise murder half of kentucky to get the game, it will be worth it.

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