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posted by Road_Element Tue Jan 30, 2007

Rifftrax's has updated there site. Now you can rank the Rfftrax. Find Rifftrax by Release Date, Movie Title, User Rating, and Genre. Plus a Gift Shop with Dvd and T-shirts and Now you have to setup an account to buy anything. But what i really found intresting was in the fun area. Under Fun Stuff they have a section for Videos, Games, Fan Art, and Fan Riffs. So it just made me wonder are they going to let people submit there own Fan Riff to put on there website. Anyways i like the new look and i was just wondering what you guys think.

P.s. i saw the trialer to Troll 2 and it looks like a cross between Hobgoblins and Ernest Scared Stupid. Should be good.

posted by Road_Element Sat Dec 16, 2006
As some of you know. Im kinda a big fan of Superman and of the first 2 Christopher Reeve films. Well i kinda was looking through youtube for Superman stuff and i came across these two videos that used Music from the Rocky soundtrack with videos of the film (No Easy Way Out from Rocky 4 and A Measure of a Man from Rocky 5). Anyways i was just surprised at how one of them match up to the video. This might be a little chessy. But what the hell.

Edit : This One was pretty good. so i figured i would add it. But its not from the Rocky Soundtrack. The Name of the Song is "Such Great Heights" by The Postal Service.

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