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posted by Rivkeh Wed Apr 09, 2008
I have been sculpting doll heads recently (doll bodies sold separately), and have been pretty pleased with the results. Unfortunately, the only camera I have is my camera phone, but you will get the general gist...
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Not pictured is the elf wise woman who actually has a body, because my cell phone cam really really doesn't like her... I think it's because her face is done in neutral colors...
posted by Rivkeh Tue Mar 11, 2008
So, I've been really discouraged with my job. I feel like I work hard and don't get much recognition, and that it's hard to stay there. I've been tempted lately to go to a different company. One with a better absence policy. One that Jessica works at. One with free soda. One that I feel like I have places to go in.

The problem was that I like the general atmosphere at my job. I was just becoming resentful of my situation, but didn't feel like I had a lot of options.

Today, I was on the phone, and there was a lot of cheering going on by one of the purple meeting rooms. I was a bit annoyed about this as I was trying to resolve something on the phone, and it was getting loud. Finally, the call was over, and Shelly (our really awesome site manager) beckoned me.

"Great," I thought "I could use a break to take pictures of whomever won something". Pretty soon Shelly was handing me flowers and telling me I won the "Circle of Excellence" award, and that I got dinner and something else paid, and I was like "cool! Thanks!"... It hadn't sunk in. I knew it was a big honor and I was really touched by the recognition... I was awarded along with four people I really respect and admire, it was great!

Part of me thought "Dinner and flowers. That's nice, but I would have preferred a raise". Then my friends Jenn and Merlin patiently explained to me using words like "very big honor" and "free cruise" exactly what I won.

Wait a minute! YAY!

So, that makes me really happy. So happy that I walked over to the Supervisor in the department I want to work in and said "When are you hiring? You should hire me!" And she seemed interested. So that was good too.

I was just really blessed, and it helps my job satisfaction so much. The prizes are great and stuff, but just to know someone noticed I'm working really hard helps a lot.

I just am so blessed, because it's been a really rough month, trying to scrape together money to get my teeth fixed, and get my head above water... the idea of a promotion on the horizon is so encouraging...I just wanted to share with you guys.
posted by Rivkeh Mon Feb 11, 2008
For fans of Superdickery, I give you


I don't really know if anything else on that site is funny, but I thought of the Joshwayers immediately upon seeing this page.

(hey Josh... see me use the link thingy? See? I can be taught!)
In the light of Tom Cruise's leaked Scientology video, Mr. Jerry O'Connell has made a spot on comeback.

What do we think folks?
posted by Rivkeh Sun Jan 20, 2008
I cannot believe that the Dark Knight trailer isn't up here yet.

Though dubious about Heath Ledger originally, I am now rabidly awaiting the release of this movie. It looks as though even as they are updating and changing storylines, Nolan and crew have kept some of my favorite characteristics from the comic books and graphic novels (Especially The Killing Joke story arc) specifically regarding the Joker.

I'm not sure what I think about a blond Harvey Dent... but I guess we'll see, huh?

One of my favorite things, not sure if it's a promotional site, or one made by a fan, but see if you can "read between the lines" of this fantastically creepy and fun webpage.

So far, my favorite Joker photo is found on IMDB,

So what do y'all think? Love it or loathe it already?

Count Olaf at a more sinister angle.
I took both of these pictures on my phone, so the quality is poor. I'm trying to save up for a digital camera.

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