OK, so I know this is totally lame, but feeling like I am part of the JW community here, I felt I should share some big news. After some huge HTML issues and some serious standoffs between dreamweaver and yahoo and I, my new adventure has finally begun. Advocate Clothing's website is up today for purchasing! Advocate is about changing the world through art and social conscience. It is an art-based t-shirt company, attempting to raise awareness of social issues and raise funds to help deal with those issus. One shirt on each line is dedicated to a charity and all proceeds head directly in its direction with no cut for us and my veggie snack breaks. We are printed locally in buffalo and our shirts are made sweatshop free in the USA. Admittedly, the sight is not the best it could be had Josh himself designed it, BUT I think for only one semester of web design like three years ago, I did ok. Buy my shirts so I can pay someone else next time! www.advocateclothing.com OH, and if you order in the next two days your order comes with stickers and buttons and if you order before 12/1, it is guarenteed before X-mas. Much love!