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posted by JohnKeane Mon May 16, 2005
My Youth Room
Over the past few months a few students and I painted this mural on our youth room wall. Any guesses where it is from? On a side note I was playing with my new digital camera and its cool panorama function. This is actually 3 pictures
posted by johnkeane Fri Aug 20, 2004
Scary Wedding
this is a photo from my friends wedding in TX that I photo shopped. I hate TX by the way horrid place 93 degrees at 11pm for petes sake.
posted by johnkeane Sun Aug 01, 2004
This is a photo I took of myself in Havana, Cuba clearly one of the most beautiful places on earth.
posted by johnkeane Sun Aug 01, 2004
Soon to be Married WOOT!
Havent been areound lately not so much of a summer break for youth pastors heh. Thought id leave a photographical update. BTW this is the greatest featue ever!
Here is my fiancee Elizabeth and I we are getting married in less than a week (Aug 7)
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