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So me and a few friends have this idiotic thing we like to do. We call it Knighting (or for those who understand monty python...Kniggiting). Basically, we make weapons out of pvc pipe and use the foam noodles used in pools for padding. Well, in a particular battle today..well, just check it out yourself.

yep...we're all in college too..America, this is your future
posted by JasonCooley Thu Jun 08, 2006
I don't know why this bugs me so much, but it does. So i'm kinda curious what everyones opinion is on this. Some of you have myspace, so you'll know what i'm talking about.

Basically, on your page, there is an area where you can explain "Who'd you like to meet?" in ethier picture or word form. I figure this is a great place to show the world who inspires or intrigues you most in life. For example, I use Maynard from Tool because he's a brilliant musician and kinda inspires me. But here's my biggest issue with this small area myspace allows us to have.

Some people, for whatever reason, have a tendency to put up a picture of their significant other with the words "I've already met him/her". It doesn't seem like such a big deal until you actually take into account one big thing these people must have forgotten:

Out of all the influential people throughout the history of mankind; revolutionaries, civil rights leaders, athletes, musicians, inventors, comedians (regardless of what you think, I believe George Carlin can be influential), political leaders, family members, et cetera...The only person these people can think of is the one person they are currently attached at the hip to

I mean call me crazy, but i can think of at least 100 people off the top of my head that I would love to meet...Even if I was in a relationship with someone, there's still other people out there that I would enjoy having a 5 minuet convo with. Maybe i'm being overly cynical and thinking too much into it..But for now, it seems to really annoy me

posted by JasonCooley Wed May 17, 2006

Is it wrong to buy the entire old and new testement on DVD? You see, I am an agnostic who was raised catholic and had God force-fed to me daily. I graduated from a catholic HS and over the years became increasingly bothered and confused by the entire concept of faith given the fact that the world around us is so diverse. And being a Biology major has fuled even more confusion because, after five years of studying it, I find myself at odds with most evolutionary ideas.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm searching for something more now. And every time I tried to sit down and read the bible I found myself conviently pre-occupying myself with other things. So how wrong is it of me to learn the word of god from disc?

But for some reason I laughed for about 20 minuets over it. Maybe it's because it's 2am and i've been sitting at my computer for way too long.

The end of the Ecosystem as we know it

I realized this today as I left Target: my place of employment as well as the gigantic toilet I seem to flush my money down each week. After listening to advertisments about video ipods all day long, I apparently decided to buy one without hesitation. Not with cash or even a check. But with a Visa card with the Target logo splattered about. It wasn't until I got to my car that I realized the error in my ways. It finally hit me that Corporate American now owns the last bit of my soul that hasn't been stolen by five years of college. It's a serious condition that's been infecting me for the last few years. It's the soul reason I bought lemon flavored toothpaste, a chia pet, any novel written by Tom Clancy, and why I decided to buy a Mac instead of another PC.

i need help fast
Why God will eventually strike me with cancer
smoking at a relay for life event...i'm pretty sure this will cause me bad karma for years to come
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