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posted by Ehmi Thu Apr 06, 2006
So...Rivkeh's birthday is ont the 16th, and she wants/needs a computer, so I'm taking donations. Seriously, if you guys ever want to hear from her again, after she moves to Oregon, it might be a good idea to help me out here.

...Wait...That sounded like a threat, but it wasn't. Just a friendly plea to get a friend the most amazing birthday present ever. It'll run somewhere between $400-$999, depending on where I buy it from (EBay or Apple).

So...Who's in?
posted by Ehmi Mon Jun 27, 2005
Ehmi and Rivkeh--Sooo Pretty!
Notice anything different?
posted by ehmi Thu Apr 14, 2005
Did you know dogs could climb ladders?!
My sister and I were up in my mom's attic going through our old stuff, and the dog was so distraught to not be right at my sister's side that she braved the ladder that even we were a little afraid to climb. The funniest thing is that she did it about a dozen times while we were there!
posted by ehmi Thu Apr 14, 2005
Oh, Hippie Day
This is Rivkeh and me at her birthday party last year. Steph(y) declared that it was National Feminazi Hippie Day, so we all dressed the part and sat on the front lawn making dandelion crowns and playing music. Good times.
posted by ehmi Thu Apr 14, 2005
Just another night at IHOP
You know...for old time's sake.
Clockwise from bottom left:
Derrick, EHMI, Mike, Steph(y), Barry, RIVKEH, Alicia, and LARK THE WIND.
posted by ehmi Sun Apr 03, 2005
Ehmi & Steph(y)
I don't know if I've ever taken such a good picture.
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