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posted by Cricky Sat Jul 21, 2007
I hate bringing up politics again as Josh always gets mad at me... but this is funny.

Apparently, Cheney became President for two hours this morning while Bush underwent BUTT SURGERY!!!  I guess Bush complained about having a pain in his ass...and they went in and pulled out five members of congress (I should write for Leno)

This is the part where Josh says, "My sides"
posted by Cricky Mon Apr 09, 2007
Happy Easter
I thought I'd do a little Easter Child Bragging myself!

Some of you may know that I'm a HUGE Jimmy Stewart fan, and a lover of the movie It's a Wonderful Life. Josh himself attended one of my annual IAWL parties (which I haven't hosted in a few years)...Anyhow, here is the truth surrounding the myth of the movie being public domain.

I was reading up on It's a Wonderful Life on Wikipedia (an interesting online "encyclopedia" edited by its readers...thus not the most factually accurate, but full of interesting information nevertheless).  I was intrigued by the whole myth surrounding the movie's copyright flaw.  It seems, according to Wikipedia, that while the paperwork surrounding the film not being renewed for a copyright in 1974 was indeed botched, however the copyright for the film WAS renewed for its "derivative work"...a fancy term for the script, music and other such materials that also accompany the film itself, but were produced outside of the actual production of the film.  So, while TV stations did pick up on this cheap means of broadcasting the film, as did home video companies making free copies, they only did this between 1974 through 1990.  I often wondered what happen in the nineties that I wasn't seeing the It's a Wonderful Life on PBS (without commercials) anymore or any other channel for that matter except, you got it, on NBC at Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. seems there was a law suit in 1990 were upon Jimmy Stewart was sued for the use of the derivative work on TV without the permission of those who owned the rights to the script of the movie Rear Window.  (Jimmy Stewart and Alfred Hitchcock owned the rights to the film Rear Window, but not the script, and since Hitchcock died in 1980, then they could only go after Stewart who died in 1997).  So, now...Rear Window is not seen on TV at ALL anymore.  And NBC is currently the soul licensed TV network allowed to show It's a Wonderful Life (with commercials...yuck) around Christmas because...well...NBC's owner Paramount/Viacom bought Liberty Films (the producers of IAWL) in 1951. So, if you do see It's a Wonderful Life playing on the internet or on PBS, it IS in violation of copyright as its derivative work is owned by Paramount Pictures/Viacom.  So, I guess someone could take out the audio of the film and play it without a problem, but...that wouldn't make for the awesome film experience that we know today.  Guess I'll stick to my DVD.
posted by Cricky Wed Dec 06, 2006
Yeah...I just wanted to point people in a funny direction to this website

The has some funny edits of movies totally reworking the movie into a whole new concept.  Some are really well done and just funny.  Josh...maybe you can throw some up on your blog.  Have fun.
posted by Cricky Mon Nov 20, 2006

Guys...why didn't anyone tell me that Hugh Laurie from that show House was playing the new James Bond?  I heard that instead of fancy gadgets and karate, that Bond now sports witty sarcasim and unbridled medical knowledge. Cooooooooooooooooool!

posted by Cricky Fri Nov 17, 2006 she's not that chubby...I just thought it made for a funny title.  This is MY NEW daughter! Grace Leila Johnson Born 8 lbs 13 Oz on Halloween.   
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