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posted by Angela Wed Apr 05, 2006
Michael Buble' = INCREDIBLE!

Nathan and I went to his show in Portland last night and it was fantastic! I know not everyone likes his style of music, but if you do and ever have a chance to catch his show you totally should!

From the time it started to the very end I felt as though we had been transported back to 1955- a real throw back to the days of Bobby Darin and the others like him. His great band, fun audience interaction, and the energy made it one of the best concerts I've ever gone to.

(Maybe I should have made this a review.....)

posted by Angela Wed Mar 29, 2006
Haven't been around too much lately- wondering if anyone has any thing new to report on the music scene?

What's new in your CD player?
Been to any good concerts lately?

I've been listening to my 3 newest CDs a lot lately:
Michael Buble' - It's Time
Jack Johnson and Friends- Curious George
The Beach Boys- Pet Sounds (had to grab it after reading it on Josh's "top cd" list in earlier post)

Next week we are going to see Michael Buble in concert- so psyched! about you?
posted by Angela Thu Feb 16, 2006
"Walk the Line"? I'm not sure if anyone has posted on this as I have been slacking off with my input.

Nathan and I went to see it this past weekend. I loved it. Any other opinions lurking out there?
posted by Angela Wed Dec 28, 2005
Pat's "Top 30 CDs of 2005" post got me wondering- what musical gifts did you receive or give this Christmas? I love to hear the diverse musical preferences from the fine folks at

I'll start it off-

CD- Beatles For Sale
CD- Narnia Soundtrack
CD- Collection of music from various Musicals
CD/DVD- Michael Buble'
DVD- Beatles: A Hard Day's Night

CD- Ruldoph The Red Nosed Reindeer soundtrack

That's all I can think of.

Interested in reading yours
posted by Angela Fri Dec 02, 2005
Last night Nate and I got to enjoy an early Christmas present- attending BNL's Holiday concert. This was our first BNL concert experience and all I can say is WOW!

By far the best concert I have ever been to- great way to start the holiday season!

posted by Angela Thu Dec 09, 2004
Every Wednesday night it’s the same ol’ story- my house smells. The odor starts in our living room- and it’s a distinct air of FEET; I imagine it’s something similar to the Jr. High boy’s locker room after 7th period gym class in June. It only takes few minutes for the entire downstairs to reek of feet. (Granted my downstairs isn’t all that large- it honestly wouldn’t take much to stink it up. But stick with the dramatic, exaggeration just a minute longer.) Soon the problem seeps up the stairs where the scent becomes something like a Frat House after a farting contest. In a short amount of time my entire house is infested with STANK. And this is how it is every Wednesday night.

I must admit that the smell is not pleasant in any way. There’s not much that curbs the aroma either- we try lighting candles, burning incense, and even resort to opening windows. But there is no hope- well at least not between the hours of 6:30 and 8:30.

So my house smells- you might be wondering “why?” It’s not because we are unclean people, or have rotten food hiding under the furniture- trust me I checked! The reason for the stench is simple: teenagers.

Every Wednesday night at 6:30 the teens of our church invade my house for the weekly Bible Study my husband and I lead. Sure my house smells, and it’s crowded and loud- but there is seriously nothing like it. My husband and I are youth junkies- that is why I endure the horrific-ness of their STANK.

I know that some of you understand- perhaps even relate to- the weekly gas chamber my house becomes. But others of you are thinking “Teenagers!! GASP- they are of the devil!” For the most part teenagers are NOT of the devil. I repeat: Teenagers Are Not of the Devil. It took me a few years to figure this out. I’m about to give you a crash course in Youth Leadership.

Top 5 things every adult should know about teens:
1. Teenage girls will cry; teenage girls will scream-usually at the same time. These two actions can and are used to express any range of emotion at any given time.
2. Teenage boys will smell. They are proud of their stench- weather it’s from a taco induced belch or from using an entire bottle of cologne, and both will be used to impress girls.
3. Most teenagers have the attention span of a fruit-fly. This is both a positive and a negative. The positive is that they get over things quickly. The negative is that you are forced to insert fun words and phrases such as: holy smack down, hooch, Fuddruckers, and you smell like butt; into your Bible study just to recapture their attention. (I suppose this could also be a positive depending on your grasp of the English language)
4. Teenagers affections can be bought. And let me tell you- their affections sell at a very cheap rate: GUM. (This is my personal favorite.)
If you are armed with nothing but a pack of Juicy Fruit- you too can win the heart of one smelly teenager. Of course this affection is temporary- but you can easily adjust the length of their loyalty by simply “upping the ante”. Gum is an instant in, but to keep the spark in your relationship you should try candy bars, soda (highly sugared and/or caffeinated), pizza, or burgers and fries. Non-perishable items are acceptable as well.
5. When all else fails I highly recommend threatening. (This is my husband’s preferred vice.)
When your group is completely out of control, find the ring leader and shock them into submission. The line our group responds best to would be: “I am going to drag you behind the van.”
It works like a charm!

Once you get past the BO, the girlie dramatics, the super fast talking, and the whining it’s not so bad. Working with teenagers forces you to take yourself less seriously. You find yourself doing and saying things you never imagined, things completely out of character. I bring this up so that you don’t suffer the pain I did as I viewed a video tape of myself standing on a street corner, singing “I’m a Little Teapot”, wearing a pink poodle skirt with a van load of kids. (Equally scary: same group leading a gym full of basketball spectators in a rousing rendition of the “YMCA”- yes this is me again, and yes I was sporting the poodle skirt.)

Besides all the fun we have there is another side to working with teenagers. The side that makes you want to do all those crazy, embarrassing things- it’s the kids. They get to you, to your heart- and they change you. If you are fortunate enough for God to have given you a talent and ability for working with kids- you are truly blessed.

Over the fast few months since we started this Bible study I have learned so much; though my husband and I are the ones “teaching” the kids- they are often the ones teaching us. So throw away those stereo-type, teen aged images you have. Sure they are loud and smelly and obnoxious, but they are great. Working with these kids has made me a better person. They have reminded me that success in my job is not everything, that friendship is one of life’s best gifts we receive, that giving is more than material goods, if you give kids the opportunity to shine they will, and if you love those smelly teenagers they will (maybe not instantly) love you back.

***This is written as a thank you to our great friends Jasper and Kendra- our 2 best friends who will be moving from Maine back to Missouri at the end of the month. Without these wonderful people I never would have discovered the joys of working in Youth Ministry. You will be missed!

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